Domain Name Options, Configurations and Pricing

Domain Name Options

Every website requires a domain name to operate from. If you have your own site installed this will be your own registered domain. On a network site this is automatically set up as what name you choose on a subdomain of our own. So... for example it would look like:
While this is perfectly usable we understand that this may not look particularly cool and be what you'd want. But you can have your own domain, in our example, on your network site. This requires a manual change using our Domain Mapping feature

If you are looking to register a domain here is a pricing guide of some domains to consider below. There are of course many many extensions available, especially since the launch of the new style trade specific domains, so the list is just a suggestion of suitable photographic names.

Domain Pricing

TLD Min. Years Register Transfer
.com One £9.00 £6.00 Register
.net One £9.00 £6.00 Register
.Biz One £9.00 £6.00 Register
.uk One £6.00 FREE Register One £6.00 FREE Register
.photography One £14.00* £14.00 Register
.photos One £14.00* £14.00 Register
.gallery One £14.00* £14.00 Register
Domain registration is carried out via our sister site at HostPost Web Services

You will be redirected to open in a new tab for domain registration. Set up a free customer account at HostPost then register your domain (you may want to consider other hosting options while you are there). Then once you have the domain you can use it here if desired.

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